Sunday, August 25, 2013

Currituck Lighthouse

Nobody felt much like making the big day trip down to Cape Hatteras just to see the lighthouse, but we luckily had a nice substitute practically in backyard.  Although not the tallest, Currituck Lighthouse  has the distinction of being the last constructed and northernmost of all the lighthouses along the coast of North Carolina.

Currituck Light  is made out of one million bricks and stands 162 feet tall.  It surprisingly only took about 5 minutes to ascend the 214 steps to the top,  where we had amazing panoramic views of both the Atlantic Ocean and Currituck Sound.  We could even see our house from the top!

Pretty cool view back down to the ground too.  That little orange dot in the center is Brent.  Seems maybe not everyone is such a big fan of heights.

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