Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Unbeknownst to us, the house we rented was part of the "Corolla Light Resort" community,  which came with tons of amenities we weren't expecting.  There was a fitness center,  playground, shuttle service, and roster of activities every day.  We knew the boys would love crabbing.  They each got a chicken leg and a string for $3, and threw it off the pier to test their luck.

Leyton caught one almost immediately, and I think it was the biggest of the morning.  We stuck to the catch-and-release program.

If you saw a little critter hanging on for dear life as you slowly reeled in the string, you just yelled for a net and hoped that someone would come running with one.

By the end of the morning, everyone had caught some crabs.  Mimi had a hard time getting rid of hers!

We also took the boys hunting for "ghost crabs" at night.  (I had no idea if that's what they were really called, but wow, there's a whole article about them!)  Armed with flashlights and nets, we headed to the beach after dinner and looked for holes that the crabs burrow into the sand.  They mostly blend right into the sand, but with a good eye you can spot one and try to catch it before it runs down into its den.

We mostly hung out and enjoyed the scenery while the kids hunted.

Same crab, 1st picture taken without a flash, 2nd one with flash.  Crab camouflage!

Joseph and his cousins really enjoyed crabbing both by day and by night, but then again, they have fun doing just about anything together!

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