Thursday, July 11, 2013

Water Country, USA

We followed up our visit to Busch Gardens with a trip to Water Country, USA, the next day. 

As the name would imply, it was one water slide after another, all day long.  Quite surprisingly, the boys were thrill seekers and showed not an ounce of fear as they went on steeper and crazier rides.  We started by getting their feet wet on something relatively tame.

 We moved on pretty quickly from there, straight to the top.  Joseph was excited to go it alone most of the time and wanted to do them all over and over!

Here's Ethan and his parents going ahead of us on a super-soaker than was almost entirely in the dark through tunnels, and the kids LOVED it.

We timed it just right to catch the dive show right before lunch.  So mesmerizing and impressive, Joseph wanted his picture with the team afterwards.

Spent a little time floating down the Hubba Hubba highway.  Quite a strong current keeps you floating along - and Joseph was an expert floater.

We ended the day with one of the craziest slides.  No one was sure why I insisted on sitting in the back (the heaviest person is supposed to get that position, and that technically wasn't me) until they saw this video.


I should mention that I was incredibly grateful to have brought along the Seattle Sports water proof phone case that I bought, but never used, for our trip last year to Bermuda.  Some of the pictures are just a little hazy, but the fact that I could float in a pool with my phone fully submerged and be ready to take a picture or video in an instant was awesome!

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Rgutro said...

Looks like a really fun day out. Thanks for the tip about the waterproof case. Also like the pic of the " Hubba Hubba highway." :)