Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chevrons Are Really In Right Now

Does that even mean anything to you?  Chevron has always just been the name of a gas station to me, but apparently it is also a type of badge or insignia with an inverted V pattern.  It seems to be an incredibly popular pattern among modern quilters these days.  Funny, I always called it a zig-zag.

Aimee, the counselor from the adoption agency that worked with Joseph's birthparents, recently welcomed her second child.  Even though I was still on only one foot after my surgery, I really wanted to make him a quilt.  I used this tutorial that I had bookmarked a while ago, and since I couldn't drive to the fabric stores, I pulled something together from my stash.

I modified the original pattern, which called for alternating prints with a solid.  It is a bit busy, but these are some of my absolute favorite fabrics (most leftover from previous projects), and seeing them all together makes me quite happy.  A polka dot binding only adds more joy!

The zig-zags (I mean chevrons) are made up of simple strip sets of 2 fabrics that are rotated.  There were little pieces left at the end of the strips after trimming, and I put them all together into this medallion on the back.  I don't know that white would have otherwise been my first choice, but I do like the contrast it provides between the vibrant colors and graphic pattern of the front.

As always, whether in the sewing room or outside taking photos, I have one of the most adorable little helpers! 

Welcome to the world, Parker, and congrats Aimee, Akil & Greyson!

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