Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Busch Gardens

No question, first stop in Williamburg had to be Busch Gardens.  Joseph has loved all the amusement parks we've been to so we were pretty sure he was going to have a ball.  Once Joseph and his buddy Ethan were measured up, they were ready to explore the park.

Right in the beginning Brent and I got this - "The Alpengeist" - out of our systems, and then we stuck with the kids the rest of the day.  Of course I was completely paranoid I was going to break my leg again, but I did survive.

Joseph favorites, by far, were the water rides.  He went on the log flume 3 times in a row.

We spent a little time in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun, but then it was back to thrill seeking.

Joseph was a little scared of the flames and rumbling inside of "Pompei," but boy was it worth it in the end.

And one last soaker before heading back to Kingsmill for the night.  We expected to get this wet at Water Country, not here!  Had I been able to wear more appropriate footwear I would have been all over these rides.  At least I did manage the log flume once.

And of course, the requisite souvenir from the gift shop on the way out.

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