Monday, June 24, 2013

The Great Zucchini

Yet another encounter with "The Great Zucchini," children's birthday party entertainer extraordinaire.  Thankfully it's been a while, as Joseph was scared to death of him the first two times he saw him.  But nearing 6 years old, he finally appreciates silly jokes, gags, simple magic tricks, and above all else, potty humor.  Joe Joe was laughing so hard that Mr. Zucchini had to stop at one point and promise to the other parents that he did not plant him in the audience.  Joseph even got a chance to volunteer, and you can see him in hysterics at the sight of a grown man with underwear on his head.

Combined with a bunch of outdoor games, plus arts and crafts, and a lot of cake, it was all around a great birthday party.  And conveniently located right next door, so we got rock star parking ;)

Happy 5th birthday,  Abby and Sam!

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