Thursday, June 27, 2013

Owl Miss You!

With the last day of kindergarten fast approaching, I had an easy, last minute idea for a little something to give all of Joseph's classmates to remember their first year at Janney Elementary - photos of the project that we worked on together for the school auction.  I uploaded some pics I had taken to and had them printed in a snap.  We gave each kid a print of the finished project, a print of the panel they stamped and signed, and a few pics of some of the close up details, like the teacher fingerprints that were turned into owls.  Joseph was so excited to run around and pass the envelopes out to each of his friends (and teachers too!) at drop off last week, and everyone seemed so genuinely touched to have them as keepsakes.

Since this was the Owls class, it was impossible for me not to sneak in one final craft project for the year that was on theme, especially when I randomly came across these treat bags on Pinterest.  I made my own template and I think they're ridiculously cute!

You know how some things seem like really great ideas at first, and then you realize, maybe not so much but it's too late to turn back?  That would be 30 owl faces, each with 2 eyes, each eye with 3 separate circles to punch out and glue together, 120 Tootsie rolls to stuff into mini treat bags, a lot of signatures (which shockingly Joseph quite enjoyed doing), and a ton of stapling, taping, hole punching, and ribbon tying before reaching the final product.  Which the kids probably tore apart in 4 seconds flat.

But in the end, they were so freaking adorable and so totally worth the effort!  And as they say to our friends, "owl" miss you, indeed. Kindergarten was a hoot!

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