Monday, June 3, 2013


Joseph loves to work in the yard with his Papa, especially when it comes to digging for worms, and they often go to the garden center together on the weekends.  They recently came home with a container full of ladybugs!.  Joseph remembers a lot from "The Grouchy Ladybug" book by Eric Carle and reminded us that ladybugs eat aphids, which suck the juice out of leaves and kill the plants.

Interestingly, the container said that ladybugs don't fly at night, so to release them in the evening after watering the plants.  We opened the container, and one by one they started to come out and search for new homes.

Joe Joe very lovingly tried to direct each of them to the perfect leaf to find shelter and search for aphids.

We left the container out while we had dinner on the deck, and soon they were coming out in droves.  There had to be hundreds of them, and in no time they were everywhere!  Joseph could have watched them all night.

There were still so many ladybugs left in the container that we decided to send some in to school.  They started an alphabet countdown for the last 26 days of school, so we had something perfect to bring for "I," insect day.  Miss Rockwell said they could bring real, live insects, but we still made sure to give her a heads up by email and to let her know they could release the rest of the ladybugs in the school garden together.  What a great learning experience, and there wasn't a grouchy ladybug in sight.

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Anonymous said...

JT. Looks so much older with his new haircut..I miss holding his little ..but now pretty big hand when we walk around...just saying..Imiss me some JoeJoe..loveMiMi