Sunday, June 9, 2013

Justin's Dance Party

Just getting around to catching up on last weekend's activities - multiple birthday parties, which seems to be the norm these days.  First up was Justin's dance party at American University.  It was completely coincidental that Joseph wore red, white and blue.

The party was a random item his family won at the Janney Auction, a birthday party with instruction from the AU dance team.  They had a private suite overlooking the basketball court and the full attention of several perky college students.  They talked about their musical tastes (hmmm, a lot of Justin Bieber), stretched a little, and got a little jiggy with it.

No dance party is complete without a limbo, I guess.

Then then really busted some moves to the most popular (and yet totally inappropriate) song among the kindergarten set, "Gangnam Style."

Spirit Circle!

Awesome party favor, a customized water bottle.  Something I had been considering for Joseph's upcoming birthday party....

On the way out Joe Joe got to chat one-on-one with the dance team coach, who encouraged him to come to a basketball came.  And she promised he could even sit with the cheerleaders.  I think that may have sold him on becoming an Eagle one day, which couldn't make Daddy any happier ;)

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