Sunday, May 19, 2013

Super Cuts

"Almost bald."

That it what Joseph told Miss Gina yesterday when she asked how he wanted his hair cut.  Having been a product of the 80's, and raised in Jersey at that, I cannot in good conscience say a word if Joseph wants to do something crazy with his hair.  I have had all kinds of interesting hairstyles in my day, and my parents never said a word.  They knew it was a phase, they knew it would grow out.  So as much as I adore his long goldi-locks, if Joe Joe wants a crew cut, he can have a crew cut.

Having just come from a Superman birthday party, we could have walked out of Blondie's Salon looking like Lex Luthor.  Thankfully Gina left it a bit longer than that.  And he does look so darn cute with short hair!  It surely doesn't hurt that all you see now are those amazing blue eyes.

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