Thursday, May 30, 2013


After last weekend, all traces of having a little baby boy are just utterly and completely gone.  

Nobody misses diapers and bottles.  I had no problem getting rid of the crib.  I got over giving away the stroller pretty easily.  It was exciting when we moved from the carseat to a booster.  It was liberating when the baby gates came down.  And those darned siderails on the bed have been driving me crazy for years.  I'd been meaning to take them off for well over a year now, but it's always the lowest priority on the weekend honey-do list.  But when they finally came off this weekend, it left me feeling a little nostalgic for the infant and toddler years.  Joseph is just so grown up now!  I swear, I'm gonna lose it when decides he doesn't need his Petey anymore.

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

love these pics! and to think i saw his room moments before this big occasion!