Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Life

As we again celebrate "adoption day" today - the anniversary of the day we officially became a family in the eyes of the law - it seems quite appropriate to share this recent journal entry of our son's.

Joseph just started journaling daily as an assignment from his teacher to work on his reading and writing skills.  It's supposed to be fun for him, so he can write about whatever he wants, he can add drawings if he likes, and we're not supposed to correct his spelling or letter formation.  He first spends 2 minutes "brainstorming" on the topic he will write about.  For his very first entry, he was trying to thing about the most exciting thing in his life, and he decided (without any prompting, I swear!) that the best day of his life is when we adopted him.  We had a lovely conversation about some of the details involved there, but when he went to finally write something, he wrote "My favorite part is when I was born!  I was happy!"

He then decided to draw a picture of himself and label it "me," and I thought that was that.  But then he drew and labeled an umbilical cord.  Umm, ?????  He remembered that babies have umbilical cords from a hospital ABC book from years ago.  Really, I have no idea when the last time he saw that book was.  And then when he thought he was done he remembered at the last minute to draw a big circle around it all, because babies come from mommies' tummies. (Hard to see in the center fold of the page that he also labeled the tummy)

It's amazing how this simple lesson plan from school opened up a wonderful dialogue about how our family came to be.  Luckily we stopped short of an entire "birds and the bees" discussion, and the next few journal entries were about more mundane topics like birthday parties and ninjas.

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Rgutro said...

That is so awesome. What a great son- and two amazing dads. Thanks for sharing.