Sunday, May 12, 2013

About Mothers

I will probably never cease to be amused by the way most people tiptoe around the topic of Mother's Day when it comes to a family with 2 fathers.  They just try so hard not to say or do the wrong thing, when in reality we couldn't be more laid back about the subject.  We celebrate Joseph's birthmother as much as we celebrate our own mothers today!  People who really know us know that, and so at school this year and in many after school activities, most of Joseph's teachers and care providers knew to just let him choose what he wanted to do when it came around to Mother's Day crafting.

One time he chose to celebrate Grammy, who is my mom.  The answers he filled in about her are hysterical!  She'll be glad to know he thinks she is only 66, that the best thing she cooks is gravy and meatballs, and that she loves to hug and play with him.  She may be less than thrilled to hear that her favorite thing to do is "sit," and that she is really good at "sleep."  I'm quite honored that he says her favorite food is "my daddy's food."

Another time Joseph chose to draw a picture of his birthmother.  He's never met her, but he knew that she probably looks like him so he gave her the same (gorgeous) blue eyes and blonde hair (which is orange because they didn't have a yellow crayon) that he has.  It's fascinating to see how he slowly processes this kind of information over time!  Whatever she may look like, we know that she is a beautiful person inside and out.  Especially today, we hope that she is happy and someday knows the joy of not only being a mother to Joseph but a parent herself as well.

While on the subject of mothers, I just so happened upon this photo of Brent and his brother Glenn with their mom, Joseph's "Mimi."  As if my mom weren't awesome enough, I'm doubly blessed to have Olga in my life too, and I consider myself lucky to be part of such a stylish family.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers we know!

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