Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday, Funday

With that much family in one place at one time, it was a piece of cake turning Easter Sunday into Easter Funday, right from the moment we woke up.  You know how they say "Don't mess with Texas?"  I guess that carries over into "Don't mess with breakfast" when the hotel buffet includes make-your-own Texas shaped waffles.

Since Susie and Gary had generously offered up their bayside house to the bride's family, they rented a house for their own family on the beachside of Galveston.  There was a wide open expanse for an Easter egg hunt (hard to even spot them in the picture!) for all nine second cousins.  They could barely be contained for a picture before they took off to gather loot.

Leyton and Riley found the coveted golden eggs that each held a dollar, but Joseph was perfectly content with his candy and coins.

Everyone (besides me, of course) had great fun taking turns on a bicycle built for two, and there were clearly enough kids for a game or two of soccer.

Everyone went down to the beach for a while to play, explore, and open glitter eggs ("cascarones," which I had never heard of before, but you can be sure I'll have some next year!).

Again, that would be everyone except me as I wasn't terribly interested in getting sand in my cast.  We stayed high and dry on the balcony, but my zoom lens did a pretty good job of capturing the scene.

Afterwards we popped back over to the bay house to spend a little more time with Gran before heading back to Houston.

The fun continued on into the nighttime at Glenn and Suthern's house when Joseph, Leyton, and Ashton had a sleepover.  The three of them spent almost every waking minute together playing, eating, bathing....why separate them to sleep?  It looked so cozy even Gumbo wanted to join in.

Easter Sunday was indeed an action packed Funday.  How on Earth could you top that?  Uncle Glenn knew - doughnuts for breakfast!

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