Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nature Exploration

Even though we don't watch much "Dinosaur Train" around here anymore, it's hard to forget Dr. Scott's recommendation at the end of each and every episode to "Get outside, get into nature and make your own discoveries!"  Heeding his advice, we spent some time last weekend at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center and Planetarium.

Whether you're on foot, bicycle, or scooter, there are a few nice trails to meander along.

Inside there are display cases full of flora and fauna and a few aquariums too.  I just don't like the way that fox was eyeing my son.

One of the main reasons we went was to check out the Planetarium (only one in the National Parks System!) since Joseph still talks about wanting an outer space birthday party this summer.   It's on the small side, but so enjoyable.  Witness the night sky above Rock Creek Park, search for constellations, zoom back and forth to planets, even see the space shuttle up close.  A park ranger led the presentation and kept everyone entertained and involved.  Joseph kept trying to answer all of his questions about the solar system.

Our cherry blossom trees only last about a week or two, but these days there's so much happening in our very own backyard.  I love Spring for a reason!  Our dogwoods, both white and pink, are in full bloom, and after many years of patiently waiting, the Wisteria we've trained over the pergola is finally flowering as well.

Now go get outside yourself!

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