Monday, April 29, 2013

Loosen Up (Part 2)

Oh my gosh, you've never seen a kid more willing and excited to go to the dentist than Joseph.  He is so unbelievably cooperative with every aspect of his check ups.

I was chatting with the hygienists as they were cleaning away, mentioning how crazy excited Joseph was to have a loose tooth.  And then they said he actually has a loose tooth.  What?!?  He makes us check those things every day.  When did this happen?!  Seriously, I almost cried on the spot.  Pathetic, I know.  Joseph, on the other hand, was on cloud 9.  We had to take pictures and call Papa right away.

Luckily he's been obsessing about this for over 2 months now so I had fair warning to make him his tooth fairy pillow.  I had recently started one for his friend Zara, whose birthday is just 2 weeks after Joseph's, but this news made me realize I had better finish it up sooner rather than later.  She's so girly that it just had to be pink and green, and I decided a simple hourglass block would be pretty.

I'd been saving this adorable elephant print for something special, and this project fit the bill.  The green stripe is flap to cover the zipper.

I love simple quilting that follows the seam lines.  And since it's a tooth fairy pillow, it's got to have that initial pocket on the front.  I know, I'm beating a dead horse with these things, but they're so quick to make and I find them utterly adorable.

Very different styes and colors for very different kids.  I'm happy to say Zara loves hers as much as Joseph loves his.  And that's the whole point.

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