Friday, April 19, 2013


The Katzen Arts Center at nearby American University is home to all the arts programs at AU as well as the American University Museum, which showcases contemporary art.  There's also a wonderful arts education program for children on the weekends called Kids@Katzen, which provided for a fun, hands on playdate last weekend with Joseph's friend Skyler.

The kids got a private showing and talk from artist Lee Haner, whose recent abstract mixed-media works inspired by the Southwest are on display.

Joseph and Skyler then used markers, oil pastels, paints, and various tools to layer and texture their canvases into masterpieces of their own under the guidance of the staff and AU art students.

I just fell in love with AU a little more, and have now added their arts program to the expanding list of things to use to try to convince Joseph that he never needs to leave home to go to college.  I'm guessing at some point the facts that he can live at home, walk to campus, and that Daddy can make him lunch every day are going to lose their appeal.  We'll see.....

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