Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blossom Buddies

This post about our beloved annual Cherry Blossom Festival is fairly late, which happens to be quite fitting since the predicted peak bloom was delayed this year due to the unseasonably cold weather we suffered through this Spring.

The bonus was that I was then able to share one of my most favorite things about my hometown with my most favorite person in the world (fellow Alton Boys excluded), my bestest friend, Lance.  He brought his 4 kids cross-country from San Francisco last week to spend their Spring break with Uncle Carl and Uncle Brent. 

Immediately after getting my cast off last Tuesday Lance and the kids picked me up at Georgetown University and we headed down to the Tidal Basin to have a picnic, take in the beauty of our cherry blossoms and play around the monuments.  

I made one full loop around the Tidal Basin on my scooter - when the kids weren't taking spins around the FDR memorial on it - but I did get to take a little break when the kids were rewarded with a paddle boat ride.

Lance's reputation precedes him (I mean that it the very best way possible, promise!) and my friends were clamoring to meet him.  He really is the funniest person I've ever met, and anyone who is friends with me on Facebook gets to enjoy his wit on a fairly regular basis.  (Dare I say his Facebook friends feel the same about me?)  My friend Jocelyn was kind enough to host a cookout for us all - a bonus for the kids, who loved her trampoline.  As if we weren't having enough fun, we were hysterical as the neighbors' tree started showering cherry blossom petals all over our dinner every time a breeze picked up.

Speaking of cherry trees, our own little Yoshino behind Joseph's swing set has been filling in over the past few years and peaks at the same time as the trees downtown.

Lance and his kids made the best of their visit here.  They went to museums, rented bikes and toured downtown, visited tons of friends, saw a Nationals game, and celebrated Wyatt's 9th birthday.  

I was, as always, so sad to see them go, but at least now I might be able to keep some jellybeans around without them vanishing into thin air.

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