Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tell Your Son

Good thing we squeezed in an egg hunt on Sunday, because this is what we woke up to on Monday!  A beautiful, fresh coat of snow covering everything in sight - not what anyone wants to see in the first week of Spring, especially a guy on crutches.

Monday also happened to be Passover, a holiday we don't have much experience with, but we were thrilled to be invited to join in over at Ethan's house across the street.  (Poor Ethan, who didn't even get to join us since he came home from school with a fever and was banished to the living room.)
Ethan's grandfather read the Haggadah, a book that serves as a guide to the Passover seder, which is said to fulfill the commandment to "tell your son" of the Exodus from Egypt.  

Who knew Lisa was so domestic?!  She put together an awesome meal, and Joseph tried just about everything they served up.  By far Joseph's favorite part of all the rituals was the "Afikoman." During the seder some of the matzo is broken and set aside for dessert.  To keep the kids entertained, it is hidden, and when they find it later on they are rewarded for returning it.  Ethan's grandmother had some gift bags at the ready, but when I turned around with the camera I caught Pop-Pop slipping Joseph some cash!

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