Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photo Booth Fun

The annual auction at Janney Elementary (which was a week ago already!) was my first big outing on crutches outside of dinner on my birthday.  Brent and I had hoped to go together but just couldn't round up a babysitter :(  It was a fun Hawaiian luau theme and we especially had a blast in the photo booth.

Me and Jocelyn (always my partner in crime):

Our kindergarten teacher, Miss Rockwell - front, center, and goofy with me - along with Jocelyn and a few of the other K-R parents:

More of K-R, my favorite set of pics!:

Congrats to Ronan's family, who were the lucky winners of our Class Creation!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

OMG!! I am dying! Great post! Sorry in have been so terrible about getting onto my blog scene! I love your work! Fab fabulous!!