Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Notice anything new about the blog?  Probably not - it's not easy to spot.  But up there in my header there are a few new tabs besides the regular old "Home" button.  I've created one page for my quilts, one for my crafts and costumes, and one for the birthday parties we've put together for Joseph.  

During my recuperation I've been doing lots of organizing, both at home and right here in cyberspace.  I've long wanted to add pages to the blog and consolidate some posts that share a common thread (no pun intended there on the "Quilts" page), and I've finally had the time to work on it!  One of these days I may also add a page for food, but this was enough for now!  

Why?  Just to simplify and organize.  For some reason the "search" button never seems to work, and it's a hassle scrolling through post after post when I'm looking for something specific.  I also thought if someone found their way here through Google or Pinterest or some other way they might be interested in looking at related posts.

Oh, it just makes me so happy to have accomplished such a big task!

P.S. Had my follow up appointment with the orthopedist yesterday and got my splint off.  Things are looking good, and I'm in a cast for the next 4 weeks.  Brent has been taking such good are of me that I got a big ole purple cast for LSU.  Geaux Tigers!

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