Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thumbs Up

Another big project finally done!  I was asked to take the lead (....okay, I volunteered....) and organize the "class creation" for Joseph's class for our school's annual auction.  I assumed this would mean somehow getting 22 five and six year olds to make a quilt with me like last year, but after a pow wow over margaritas one night, the committee decided that some fingerprint art would be a fun and simple idea.  (Phew!)  We came up with the concept of 4 trees through the seasons and having all the kids stamp their fingerprints as the leaves.

We're lucky to have a talented artist in Tania, who is Gwen's mom, as a fellow room parent.  After I collected all the supplies and gave her some ideas to run with, she painted the most gorgeous bare trees I have ever seen and created a palate that managed to assign each of 22 kids their own signature color.  Interestingly, aside from a few pink loving girly girls, almost every kid asked to do blue.  

After painting up their little thumbs and letting them stamp wherever they wanted, each kid got to stamp and sign the key on the bottom of the canvas.  Acrylic paint dries pretty fast, and we were able to do almost the entire class in just about an hour.  Here's Joseph doing his thing in Spring.

We even got our teachers, Miss Rockwell and Ms. Haley, to stamp and sign the project for a special little touch I came up with.

And here are the 4 finished canvases!  We used cool blue, purple, and white for Winter, pretty pinks and greens for cherry blossoms in Spring, vibrant greens for Summer, and bold reds, yellows, and oranges for Fall.

Some of my favorite things are the little details:  K-R is "carved" in a heart in the tree for our class (Kindergarten - Rockwell), flower petals and leaves seem to be gracefully floating down to the ground, each kid has their own adorably quirky way of writing their name (one of George's G's is forward yet the other is backward!).... but my absolute favorite is that the teachers' fingerprints were turned into owls, which is our class mascot.  They. could. not. be. any. cuter!

We decided the slightly imperfect canvases fit together best in this order, so I bracketed them together in the back,

but whoever takes them home from the auction can hang them separately and mix them up any way they please.  Each canvas is 10" x 20" so even all together it's still not that big, 40" wide x 20" high.

Joseph gives the entire project the thumbs up, but the big question is, "WHOOO, WHOOO?" will outbid me for these?


Jocie Z ROCK said...

O>M>G i am even more in love with these than when i saw them before!! i never noticed how the owls eyes were looking at each other!! SIMPLY BRILLIANT! i am scared to think what i might be willing to spend on it! i know LIA's mom is serious about it... Maybe let me take one of your photos to enlarge if i dont win in... pretty please?? LOL great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love these!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE these!! I am a K tchr in Missouri! The teachers in our school "create" our class auction projects. I love to see what others have done! I should post our creation from last year. It was a $200 WINNER!!
Thanks for sharing!

Monica Locascio said...

These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Gwen Joens said...

wow! I love these!!!! They are beautiful....what brand of acrylic paint did you use?

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

I just picked up a random variety pack of 24 acrylic colors from the craft store. I'm not a big painter! The brand was Reeves.

kelly o'keefe said...

Those are so cool,the kids did a great job.saw it on pintrest.