Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We've heard a few rave reviews recently about the renovated outdoor play space at Beauvoir (the National Cathedral elementary school) and went to check it out on Sunday morning with Joseph's classmate, Skyler, and his mom, Patricia.  It is truly amazing!  Super fun zip line we all enjoyed:

And then there's this crazy fast giant pyramid slide that Joseph refused to do once he saw Skyler come whipping out the other end:

So I thought I'd be a good dad and climb up there to show him how safe and fun it was......turns out, Not. So. Much.  I jammed my foot into the ground at full speed and torqued my leg, and knew almost instantly that I broke something.  Luckily Joseph was unfazed by the event.  He casually asked if I was dying and then insisted I get him his water bottle, after which he ran off to play with Skyler while Patricia tried to get me an ambulance.  After trying to call Brent I had nothing else to do so I took a picture of the slide from where I was lying on the ground.  In retrospect that seems kind of insane!  I eventually made my way to the ER at Georgetown University Hospital.

I managed to break my right ankle pretty thoroughly in 3 places, which is called a trimalleolar fracture.  Unfortunately it required surgery to heal properly, but the orthopedic docs said it's pretty much a "bread and butter" procedure for them.  I had to be admitted overnight to be added onto the OR schedule for the next day.  Very surreal being a patient at the hospital Brent and I trained at years ago.  Almost immediately I was flooded with calls and texts of love and support, and even some flowers from my little one.

I had my surgery with a permanent metal plate and a whole bunch of screws on Monday afternoon, and was out the door on Tuesday after lunch.  I never did find out what that green button with the frowny face was for.  It's probably better that way.

Hope it's not too gory to see X-rays.  The 1st one shows some pretty obvious breaks, then next 2 are post-op shots of my hardware.

Now it's 2 weeks of complete bed rest, a follow up with the orthopedist, then 12 or more weeks of absolutely no weight bearing with an air cast or boot.  It's my right foot, so that means no driving either! Both literally and figuratively, I'm definitely screwed.

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Rgutro said...

You're such a great dad and a trooper to get on that slide. Hope you heal quickly!