Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mr. Tally Man

The 100th day of school is apparently a pretty big deal in kindergarten, and there will be all kinds of celebrating going on tomorrow at Janney Elementary.  Joseph's teacher had an idea for a t-shirt project for the class, and luckily I just happened to have some experience with iron on transfers under my belt.  I did not, however, have much experience with graphic design, but I played and played and played around with a  "print artist" program that I have, and I came up with something not half bad.

The kids have been working with tally marks for some time now - sorting and grouping and counting by 5's and what-have-you, so the design was based on that.  My friend (and co-room parent) Jocelyn helped me finalize the layout and color choices.  Then I spent more than 2 hours ironing them on while watching movies.  I'm doubting that they're all perfectly centered.....

In the process I came up with the idea of personalizing the back of each shirt.  All 22 of them.

Well, all 24 of them.  The teachers got matching shirts too, but the back of theirs is different, something Miss Rockwell had found on the internet and forwarded to me since she thought it was cute.  We didn't want the kids' shirts to say "kindergarten" on the off chance they may want to use them next year, if they still fit.

They all thankfully survived being washed and dried, and Joseph was happy to model his before I dropped them off to his teacher.  

After watching me work on this project for a few weeks, Joseph knows the drill and can count off like a pro.  Happy 100th day of school, K-R!  You're all 100 days smarter!

I'm happy to share it with anyone who is interested.  If you'd like to make one yourself, you can download the PDF of the front of the shirt.

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