Friday, February 15, 2013

Mission Accomplished

In a move very uncharacteristic of me, I let Joseph pick out his own Valentine cards this year.  I showed him a bunch I thought he would like and he chose one that reflected his current fascination with robots and Transformers.  (I should add that I was floored when he passed on anything containing rocket ships or outer space because we have to save those for his next birthday party.....which was still six months away.  I have either created a monster or taught him well!)

They were already personalized but we still set out to stamp and sign and sticker them up for a little extra fun.

Then "we" had to make a mailbox for all the Valentine cards his classmates were going to deliver.

Everything was sent in to school yesterday in a basket along with a sweet treat from me.

Mission accomplished, indeed!
Hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's day!

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