Saturday, February 2, 2013

Loosen Up

Joseph has been ridiculously obsessed with losing a tooth and has been begging me to make him a Tooth Fairy pocket pillow of his very own ever since I made one for his friend Ethan a few months ago.  He walks around daily pointing out which teeth (yes, plural) are loose, reminding me that I should get to work.  Neither Joseph nor Ethan has had a wiggly tooth in sight, but since I finally had time between work and other projects I was able to whip one up for him.  

I decided to use up this little bag of scraps that were left over from making his big boy bed quilt a few years ago, and I also rescued a toddler-size pillow form from the closet, so it was essentially a zero-cost project.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Can we pause for a moment and check out how sharp those points are?  I would love to say I have mad skills, but it's generally just luck when things turn out that well.

The back has a little flap that hides a zipper.  Great tutorial for this at Pile O'Fabric, which was brought to my attention in a post by Liz at Goddess in Progress.  She's always such a great source for inspiration for me!

My favorite part, of course, is Joe Joe's initial on the pocket.  Could it be any more adorable?!  The striped fabric was the original inspiration for the whole quilt, so I love that it's featured here.

I finished it up when Joseph was at school one day last week and put it on his bed as a surprise for him when he came home.  He was thrilled to find it and naturally pointed out which tooth was going in first.

That incisor is still rock solid so we probably have plenty of time to consult with the Tooth Fairy to see what the going rate is these days, but we're prepared just in case anything loosens up in the near future.


Jocie Z ROCK said...

carl it is SOOO nice... and its so cute he loves it too!! great color combo!

Honey said...

Forget about being Dr. Carl....You need to host a how-to show!!! You couold be a male version of Martha Stewart.. Amazing. And yes, I am thankful that you still blog. I love being able to follow the Alton boys!

Neelam Dimri said...

great color combination , love to get one , i really like your blog , you can also check my blog