Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Wild Party

We've been invited to a few birthday parties at our beloved National Zoo over the past year, and this weekend we were finally able to make one.  Skyler's invitation promised that it was going to be WILD, and it was!

After some snacks in the Bear's Lair the kids were all outfitted with safari hats and set out on a private tour of the zoo with their personal guide, Lauren.

It pays to visit early in the morning!  So many animals were out and about, including one of our prized panda bears and a bunch of frisky cheetah cubs.

It's hard to appreciate where Joseph is in all the pictures, but he was front and center having a great time with his friends from school - just hidden in a puffy blue coat and big straw hat.

Skyler's mom, like me, promised her son she would always bake him a birthday cake.

After the party we stayed on a bit and dragged Zara and Jocelyn down to one of our favorite hidden gems, Amazonia.  This crazy bird was just walking all through the exhibits!  Joe Joe loves all the fish and frogs and even spent a while checking out bugs through a microscope.

And then we went home and I finished making carrot cake cookie sandwiches with cream cheese filling to bring to a Super Bowl party - a day well spent!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

great zoo shots carl!! great one with joe joe and justin! and skyler with lauren is cute!