Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The DC Public School System graced us with an extra week off for winter break, so while everyone else in Maryland and Virginia were sending their kids back to school on January 2nd, we were headed out for some fun in the snow.  We've barely seen a flake around here all season, and we were eager to get ourselves back on the slopes after about a 15 year hiatus since our last ski trip.  We also hoped Joseph might be willing to give learning to ski a chance.

We settled on Wintergreen Resort, about 3 hours away on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  Just in case Joseph passed on the skiing, they had plenty else to offer: snow tubing, ice skating, and an indoor pool and spa.

Once we enticed our friends to join us, we booked a 3 bedroom condo on the North Ridge, raced out last minute for some appropriate winter gear, and we were off!  This scenery at the lookout right down the street from the condo was amazing!

The same could be said about the views from our condo as well, whether it was early morning or dusk. Worth the drive alone just to spend some time in the mountains for a change.

Luckily our snow bunny enjoyed just about everything!  We filled the days with ski lessons and the afternoons with tubing, the evenings drinking hot cocoa, making s'mores in the fireplace, playing games, and just relaxing.  The only low point was a failed attempt at having 2 giggling boys share a room for their first sleepover.

I even pulled out this needlepoint project from the deep, dark recesses of a closet and vowed that my one and only New Year's resolution would be to finally finish it.  I started it well over 5 years ago, have rarely looked at it more than a day or two per year since, and completely lost interest when it came to filling in vast swatches of boring old empty background.

The trip overall was an absolute blast!  More posts to come showing our adventures an the slopes, but for now, just a little more of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains.

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