Saturday, January 19, 2013


If you know me at all it will not shock you that I have a cookbook devoted entirely to whoopie pies.  For it's initial use I made the classic chocolate cake with marshmallow filling.

I decorated them with rainbow jimmies and sent the whole batch off to school yesterday for a special occasion, along with a note of explanation:

Joseph has been obsessed with his half birthday.  Having a summer birthday stinks when it comes to school parties.  They lump them all together on one day at the end of the school year and it just feels like a pity party to me.  Last year's surprise half-birthday celebration at home clearly resonated with Joseph, and he'd been counting down the days until he hit 5 and 1/2 for almost a month.  There was no surprising him this year, so I let him pick what kind of treat he wanted me to make for school and what flavor cake he wanted for home.  No shock either that he went with chocolate all around.

Of course a half birthday only warrants half a cake.

And half a candle, although Joe Joe called me out on that one - he said, "It's not half a candle, you just shoved it all the way down in the cake."  Which luckily for him meant there was more icing to lick off when he pulled it out.

Welcome to 5 and a half, my darling son!

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MyLifeInFormation said...

The half cake and the 'half candle' are the cutest ideas ever!