Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hitting the Slopes

I can't say I was ever quite sure Joseph really understood what he was signing himself up for when he agreed to take a ski lesson, but when the time came, there was absolutely no hesitation on his part.  

Ethan and his parents joined us on our trip to Wintergreen.  For our first morning we found a great option to have each boy take a private lesson along with their dad.  Brent and Lisa (Ethan's mom) checked out the trails kid-free while we were in ski school.

Joe Joe did so amazingly well his first time out!  I had thought I'd need a refresher course having been off the slopes for so long, but it came back to me almost immediately and "Grandpa Bill" was able to focus his attentions on Joseph, leaving me free to takes some action shots.  He looks like a natural in the video, but Joseph spent his fair amount of time on the ground too.

We were so proud of our boys and were even more excited when Joseph and Ethan said they wanted to take another lesson the next day.  This time we signed them up without parents so they could truly get one-on-one attention (and we could get some quality time on the slopes alone!).

I went early our 2nd day to register Joseph in ski school and got to spend an hour on my own getting comfortable on the green trails.  When I met up with Brent and Lisa later we hit the blues!

I think we may have to make this an annual trip!  But as much fun as we all had skiing, snowtubing was a blast!!!

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