Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Take Two

We finally (finally!) got JT's kindergarten school portrait back this week.  
So cute :)  Such a handsome little guy if I do say so myself.

What took so long?  When everyone else's was delivered back in mid November, they just forgot to process our order.  So I had to call and have them shipped separately, which took over 2 weeks.  Can't say I was thrilled once it arrived.  But luckily retake day was just a few days away.  And then it was another 2 weeks before this round arrived.  I mean, does this even look like my kid?  Something is just about it.

At the retake the photographer took one look at the original one and said "Oh no!  We can do much better than that."  And she surely did, in just 2 clicks.  But she can't change the goofy look he's giving in the class picture.  That one is just going to have to haunt him for life.

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