Saturday, December 22, 2012

Musical Chair

In the beginning of the school year I eagerly volunteered to be a room parent for Joseph's kindergarten class.  I told them I'd pretty much do anything and everything they let me get my hands on.  Seeing as how I was so eager, they assigned me one of the bigger responsibilities, chairing the Thanksgiving feast.  When they unfortunately decided to schedule it on day I had to be at work, I had to gracefully bow out and switch gears to chairing the winter holiday party.  Although it is supposed to be a lower key event, I still wanted to make it special for the kids.  With the assistance of a few other parent volunteers we put together a pretty fun party!  We organized several different craft centers to keep the kids engaged, and the adults seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

I mostly manned the cookie decorating station.  Since I was in a baking frenzy anyway I just cranked out another 3 dozen gingerbread men for the kids to decorate and take home for a treat.

Jocelyn (Zara's mom) and I cut out all these pieces of felt in advance, and Sarah (Gabe's mom) worked with them to make these little felt mice with a candy cane as its tail.  Thank you, Martha Stewart, for yet another adorable craft idea!

Dierdre (Serena's mom) rose to the challenge and came up with a fun craft for New Year's - silly foam glasses the kids decorated to ring in 2013.

Charlene (Rosie's mom) gathered some decorations and collected some books about Christmas, Hanukkah and winter to read to the class.  The kids sat on the rug listening to stories while having home made potato latkes from Sarah and other treats like Jello and Oreo pops that I made.

I think everyone's favorite craft was making a glass globe terrarium ornament like we had seen at the Botanic Gardens last year.  Ours were nowhere near as gorgeous as theirs, but these were fantastic none-the-less.  More on that later!

Well, we trashed her room with soil and glitter and icing and cookie crumbs, but Miss Rockwell took it in stride and seemed pleased with our little shindig.  Next up I get to start working on our class creation for the annual auction!

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