Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friday Readers

We had the privilege of being yesterday's "Friday Readers" in Joseph's kindergarten class.  I'll jump at any chance to be involved in the classroom, but knowing how much our boy loves books, this was an extra special opportunity.  Joseph got the seat of honor next to us at the head of the class, and Brent and I took turns reading to him and his classmates.  He was clearly so proud to have us in the classroom and was even more excited to share some of our favorite books with his friends.  

They were an amazingly attentive audience and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our choices: The Shark in the Dark, The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man, and Harry and Horsie.  I finished with one of my favorites, The Daddy Book by Todd Parr.  Joseph pointed right at me as I read the 1st page of the book: "Some daddies take pictures of you."  You think?

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Rgutro said...

You guys are the best parents ever, and a wonderful example for all. I really enjoying reading your blog and seeing your adventures. You're the perfect family.