Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eight Pipers Piping

I know, technically it's eleven pipers piping, but yesterday we had a group of *only* eight kids armed with piping bags in our 1st ever holiday cookie decorating party.

Last year after the holidays I found this giant house shaped cookie cutter on clearance at World Market and thought "Wouldn't it be fun to decorate these flat gingerbread houses instead of having to build 3D ones?"  The cutter is almost 9" tall - that is one. big. cookie!  And I figured we'd have to have gingerbread men too.  And with the leftover dough I just threw in some snowflakes too.  And cats.  Just because it makes no sense.

Pipers can't pipe without frosting.  Lots and lots of royal icing, even in red and green.

Let the decorating commence!

I think the kids had a pretty good time.  They had a ton of fun, kind of like a big playdate, but with lots and lots of sugar.

Even some grown ups got in on the action too.

There were sprinkles and icing everywhere afterwards! 

I think this may have to become tradition, making this our 1st annual cookie decorating party.  It was thrown together so last minute this year that we just invited a few of Joseph's close neighborhood friends.  Next year I'll have to plan better and make sure there are at least eleven pipers piping.  And we'll hire a clean up crew for afterwards.

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