Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deal or No Deal?

As if our own personal sugar fest on Saturday wasn't enough, we then attended our friends' Mallory and David's annual gingerbread house decorating party on Sunday.  Joseph started out on his own house but eagerly welcomed the company and help from Andra and Greg's kids, Ben and Andrew.

These kids were ingesting far more icing and candy than was making it on or near the gingerbread house, and although I tried my hardest to let it slide, I finally had to give Joseph an ultimatum:  If you eat an entire piece of broccoli, you can eat as much candy as your heart desires.  I knew he'd never do it.

Then he did it.

Then I had to do my best to uphold my end of the deal.  I did OK, but seriously, he was gonna get sick he was shoveling so much candy in his mouth.  And he thinks he's actually going to eat this at some point:

He's been offering to eat more broccoli daily.  
Almost hourly.

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