Monday, December 10, 2012

Dashing Through the Rain

My friend Mallory and I had a good time at the "Jingle All The Way 8K" last year so we opted to sign up again this year.  Unfortunately when race day rolled around yesterday Mallory was sick.  I thought about bailing since it was a dreary, rainy morning, but decided in the end to go it alone just to get my exercise for the day in and see how I'd do.

They give out jingle bells for all the runners to attach to their shoes, hence the name.  
I was fairly hopeful I would keep up a pretty good pace this year, but you never know.  The rain luckily stopped and it wound up being relatively warm running around the streets of downtown DC.

It looked like there were a gazillion people there!  Imagine the sound of all those people running with bells on :)  There were actually only 4711 registered runners, and I came in 516th with a time of 38:07, averaging a 7:40 minute mile, compared to last year, finishing 829th with a pace of 8:10.  The winner finished in 24 minutes flat!  Who runs that fast?!

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