Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We all were surely very spoiled this Christmas, in many ways.  We were unable to travel anywhere this year due to our work schedules, but we were thrilled and grateful to be taken in by our closest friends and their families, having been invited to spend Christmas Eve with the Deubert's and Christmas Day with the Estabrook's.  It was the next best thing to being with our own families!

After a wonderful evening at Benjamin's grandparents' house, we got things ready at home for a visit from old St. Nick.  Milk & cookies were left by the fireplace along with carrots for the reindeer.  Joe Joe astutely noted that there were only 4 baby carrots but there are 8 reindeer (not counting Rudolph) pulling Santa's sleigh.  We explained that the reindeer were eating carrots at just about every house they visited, so they were really probably very happy to share and each have a tiny nibble.

We said good night and good bye to our Elf, Johnny Duddle, who chose to spend his last day with us nestled in one of our very favorite Christmas trees ever.  It may look small in the picture, but it is by far the largest and fullest we've ever had.

Upon awakening Christmas morning Joseph wanted to immediately run downstairs to see what Santa had brought for him.  He thinks he does remember hearing some hoof steps on the roof, but he's not entirely sure because he was asleep.  We tried to get him to wait for us to make some coffee, but he had already emptied out half of his stocking before we made it down the stairs.  He managed to tear through that stack of presents pretty quickly and was only mildly concerned that the soccer ball hadn't been wrapped in the first place.

In the afternoon we were eager to head over to Jack's house for dinner, even more excited at the prospect of picking up Mimi at the airport on the way!  B even wore the cardigan and one of the bow ties I bought for him.

Missy always knows how to entertain in style.  The highlight of the night, especially for the kids, was the igniting of the plum pudding - and a special one at that, brought straight from London by Jack's grandfather, honoring the Queen's Jubilee.

Our sincerest thanks to 2 special families for making our holidays merry and bright!

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