Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tan Cow

Take a paper bag and scissors, a hole punch and twine, some contruction paper and a glue stick, and you can make yourself a pretty simple Native American costume for an elementary school Thanksgiving party in about 15 minutes.  Simple enough for a kid to do most of the work.

Why Tan Cow?  The kids got to choose their own Indian name and explain why.  Joseph's teacher said he originally chose Brown Cow.  Apparently a cow is his favorite animal - news to me, I would have guessed shark still.  So why brown?  He then looked at himself and said actually his skin was white....well, it used to be white, but now he is tan, so he settled on Tan Cow.

Tan Cow came to the feast bearing gifts from his daddy who had to be at work.  18 miniature pumpkin pies and a box full of fall colored chocolate cake pops with sprinkles.  Thanks was given for that, I am told.

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