Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rescuebot Training Camp

Chase, Heatwave, Blades & Boulder are on a very important mission from Optimus Prime: protect and learn about mankind.  But they need help, so Benjamin held a Rescue Bot training camp for his birthday recently.

After some warm up exercises the trainees had multiple missions, such as rescuing puppies from a burning building, crawling through a collapsed mine to bring supplies to the villagers, freeing the zoo animals trapped by an avalanche, and working as a team to build a dam and prevent a flood.

Once these tasks were completed, the trainees were rewarded with pizza and the birthday boy's choice of treat, home made chocolate popsicles.

The trainees also received a Rescue Hero certificate and their own Rescue Bot, so they can go forward and keep the peace and keep people safe.

What an incredible adventure and such a creative party!  Happy 4th birthday, Benjamin!

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Graziella said...

Ooo This is Great!!! was looking for ideas for a Rescue Bot Cake....& found this regarding your fabulous birthday party!!! Will definetly keep your ideas in mind!!!
Thanks alot for blogging! ;)