Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pillow Pal

With Ethan's birthday coming up, I thought long and hard about if I really wanted to buy a close friend just another toy to clutter up the house.  In the end I decided I'd rather make him something more personal.

I had filed away this brilliant idea for a pocket pillow from my friend Liz, and this was the perfect occasion for it.  It can function as a tooth fairy pillow, or the pocket can just be used to leave sweet notes or surprises for your little one.  The back has a zipper (which only took me 3 tries to do......and it's far from perfect, but it is hand-crafted with love.....).

Word has it that Ethan loves it!  Seeing as I do too, it just might become more of a regular present for the turning-6-year old crowd.

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diegoagogo said...

This is a great gift! I love the colours & the fabrics.
London, UK