Monday, October 1, 2012

Paddling Pals

We had the good fortune this past weekend to have both the most amazing weather in DC and good friends who asked us to join them for an outing downtown.  The paddle boat rentals on the Tidal Basin close down right after Columbus Day weekend, so this was really our last chance to go for a spin.  I haven't done this in probably 15 years!  More importantly, we hadn't seen our girls Julia and Sara in ages.

It's seriously good fun touring some of our great monuments from a totally different perspective.  If we had the energy (and someone more helpful than a 5 year old at the helm intent on crashing into other boats) we could have paddled all the way down to the MLK memorial and back.

Afterwards we walked around the Tidal Basin and brought the kids to the Jefferson Memorial, which Joseph had never been in before.  He wanted to know who the guy was inside and if he was dead.  That's about the extent of the history lesson he wanted.

What a fun way to enjoy our city and spend some of our weekend family time.  Thanks to Robyn and Craig for asking us to join them!

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