Monday, October 29, 2012

Mardi Gras World

One of the great things about these medical conferences we go to is that there are many special events and dinners in the evenings, generally all free of charge! One night there was a big party at Mardi Gras World, a ginormous warehouse which is "literally the place where Mardi Gras magic is made," as it make most all of the floats and props seen on parade.  Even greater when we can spend the night with good friends like Nadeen.  Brent, Nadeen and I were a residency team in the NICU together 15 years ago!

Lots of fun props to goof around with.  Love that last picture of Nadeen (with another Georgetown residency friend, Jacqui).  Especially because she wasn't goofing around, she just couldn't reach!

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Nadeen said...

Omg!!! Lol. U r so wrong to post that pic!!