Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Market, To Market

Quite some time ago I made a food related quilt for my good friend Angie and found myself with a ridiculous amount of fabric leftover from the project.  I made some quilted tote bags for Angie too, and was still left with a ton of fabric, so I chopped up the majority of it and have been meaning to make a picnic blanket for us.  My aunt loved the tote bags and asked if I would make her a pair too, so with all the leftovers of the leftovers I came up with these:

If you're a quilter you'd refer to the pattern as "stacked coins."  I made one horizontal and one vertical just for variety.  Joseph modeled them for me but was more interested in a feather he found on the ground.

Inside they have the cutest little pockets for your shopping list, pen, phone, whatever!  Technically they're even fully reversible.

They arrived safely today and my aunt said she loves them.  I think this is one of my very few special order projects.  I'm just so happy I could do something nice for someone who has always be so wonderful to me and my family :)

(Eventually that picnic blanket will get made......)

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