Sunday, September 2, 2012

Royal Naval Dockyard

King's Wharf, where the Summit parked for our 3 days in Bermuda, is part of the Royal Naval Dockyard.  While currently the largest tourist attraction in the country, it originated as a shipyard for the British Navy fleet in the aftermath of the American Revolution.

The entrance to the National Museum of Bermuda, located inside Bermuda's largest fort, was just steps from the ship. Beautiful views of the Atlantic while exploring the massive stone ramparts and cannons along the perimeter!

Inside the Commissioner's House is the breathtaking Hall of History - a mural of 5 centuries worth of Bermuda's history covering 1000 square feet, which took a local artist more than 3 years to paint.

Right past the museum is the entrance to Snorkel Park Beach, a small protected reef where we took our first dip into the crystal clear waters!

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