Monday, September 3, 2012

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

We only booked one shore excursion through the cruise line, a tour of the coral reefs in a glass bottom boat.  Along the way our guides brought us to a spot dense with turtles feeding.

The corals reefs of Bermuda are among the healthiest in the world, though still considered endangered. We got to see many different types of coral along with some of the most commonly seen fish, like the parrot fish and the yellow and black striped "sergeant major."  Honestly, though, the water was so darn clear you could see just as much off the side of the boat as you could through the glass bottom!

We also toured around the shipwreck Vixen, an iron hulled vessel sheathed in teak, which is apparently a recipe for disaster and not even near seaworthy.

The most astonishing part of our outing was that even the tour guides were taking pictures of the ocean, saying the weather was among the finest conditions they'd ever seen!  Again, should we find ourselves back in Bermuda when Joseph is older, we definitely need to do some snorkeling.

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely going here with my family next time I have a vacation. The sea looks wonderful and the water is very clear that you can see all the creatures and corals. My niece would surely love to go here. It would be really nice to see some dolphins oban here.