Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Farm Living

For whatever reason, it took Joseph all of 5 years to decide he likes raspberries, and now he can't get enough of them.  While looking into the upcoming Fall festivals at some of the local orchards, I discovered there was still a week or 2 left to the season for raspberry picking.  Off we went on Sunday morning with a few friends to Butler's Orchard!

I'd never picked berries much before, and it was really fun.  Joseph, Ethan & Zara had a blast before, during and after!  I think Zara ate more than she bought ;)

We also realized there was a field within walking distance where we could dig up our own potatoes.  Why not?!   It was actually a ton of fun for everyone.  The kids loved trying out their shoveling skills and were thrilled to get their hands dirty looking for potatoes (and worms!).

The only apples in season were Golden Delicious, so we made just a quick stop by the apple grove.  Although not my favorite variety, these apples are, by the way, quite delicious!

Finally, we made a quick stop to the garden where you can pick your own bouquet of flowers, and then grabbed some apple cider donuts at the farm stand before heading out for lunch.

It was such an incredibly fun morning, and I could not get the "Green Acres" theme song out of my head:
Green Acres is the place for me
Farm living is the life for me
Land spreading out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, give me that countryside!

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