Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Days At Sea

This was a cruise to Bermuda, after all, and we did actually spend quite a significant portion of our trip at sea.  There were more than enough hours spent on the pool deck and exploring the ship.  We took in a few demonstration classes, like ice sculpting, cake decorating, and digital photography, even saw an occasional show.

And P.S. Joe Joe and I both won at BINGO!

We probably spent more time eating than anything else!  Tons of people complimented our handsome young man on how well behaved he was during the never ending nightly 4 course meals.

But one night we did go out on our own to one of the specialty restaurants and got probably the best table in the joint - a quiet, private corner with an ocean view, where they prepared our meals tableside.

Brent could quite possibly have spent the entire trip right here on our balcony, from his morning coffee to his evening cocktail, with a good book in hand.

I did some reading myself, but I can't sit still for that long, so I used the opportunity to hit the fitness club every morning for a 4 or 5 mile run.

Every so often Joseph would spend a few hours in the kids' club, but all he really wanted was to go back to the room and either color or play with his cars from Cars 2, which he had just recently seen and become obsessed with.

Our butler has a young child too and we'd always find the toys that Joseph left lying all over the floor now arranged in some fun and creative way.  The service you get in a suite is unparalleled!

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