Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crossing Paths

Because our recent cruise sailed out of NY, we decided to leave a few days early and spend time with my family in NJ for a few days beforehand.  As fate would have it, I was contacted by one of my very best friends from college, who was going to be in nearly the exact same place at exactly the same time as us.  Amazing, as she lives on the opposite coast, and we haven't seen each other in probably 20 years.  Had either of our plans varied by even a day, we would have completely missed each other.

Rosemary and I were fellow "biology geeks," and if memory serves me correctly the reason we even met was because we were lab partners early in our time at Boston College.  I have so many wonderful memories of our friendship!  Rosemary encouraged me to take several art electives with her senior year when our science requirements had been fulfilled, which is quite probably the time that I realized (a little too late for career choice purposes) that I actually had a creative side.

Now we're all grown up, living with our families as far across the country as possible, but we luckily got the chance to catch up in person after way too much time.  I don't think either of us has changed much, except for having kids.

We wound up meeting at Core Creek Park, which is not even a few minutes from my sister's house in PA.  After all the years of visits, how had I never heard of this place?  It's huge, with walking and biking trails, fishing, boating, horseback riding, playgrounds, sports fields.......tons of stuff we could have been doing with my nephew and niece throughout the seasons.  When the kids saw the lake they all just took off running.

Brent very sweetly offered to take Ella and Kate out paddle boating with Joseph while Rosemary and I chatted away.  It was such a lovely morning, but I wish we had more time to visit!

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