Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bermuda Shorts

I know this is dragging on, but these are the last few remaining vacation pictures to post.  They are, however, the perfect way to summarize our entire trip: Bermuda, in short, if you will.  (My apologies, but there was no way we were going on this vacation and not using that title for a post!)

Our time in Bermuda was all about taking in the natural beauty that the country has to offer.  The crystal clear aqua colored water is glorious!  The pink sand is just adorable!  The islands, made of limestone, are amazing!  And the weather is absolutely perfect!

Yeah, I could see myself here for a while.

As with every trip we take, Joseph has us up from sunup to sundown.

This was my most favorite sunrise, one of the last days we were docked at King's Wharf. 

It was so early even Joe Joe needed coffee! (Just kidding, it was hot chocolate.)  Since it was always just the two of us, Joseph took my picture for me.  I'll make a photographer and blogger out of him yet!

The cruise itself was a little long on the way down, but the sail time returning was much quicker.  We left Bermuda in the late afternoon on a Friday, and arrived just in time for (yet another) sunrise over New York harbor on Sunday morning.

And that's all, folks!  Back to reality.


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Jocie Z ROCK said...

1070these beachie shots and the blue turquoise colors are calling my name!! wow phenom pix Carl!!! btw, JOE JOE you took a great one too!