Monday, August 13, 2012

National Portrait Gallery

A more recent adventure from Daddy Camp: given Joseph's interest in art, last week we took the Metro downtown (an adventure in and of itself for a 5 year old!) to the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum.  As they say of themselves, "two great museums, one incredible place."

The Portrait Gallery side "tells the story of America through the individuals who have shaped the culture of this country," from presidents through pop culture icons.

The American Art side "tells the stories of America through the visual arts" and showcases works that "are windows on the American experience."  I'm not sure Joe Joe appreciated all that, but there sure were some fun and beautiful pieces to see.

I always love looking at the above installation, "Electronic Superhighway," but one of my very favorites is below.  It's the Preamble to the Constitution, written out on vanity license plates.  And in order to form a more perfect union, it is cleverly done by using one plate from each state (and the District of Columbia) in perfect alphabetical order.

By the way, the building itself is gorgeous!  Classic Greek Revival architecture with a contemporary accent in the wavy glass canopy over the central courtyard.  Perfect place for a portrait!

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